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Destiny Boosting Support


Destiny Boosting Support

Our Guarantees

Service: Support 24/7

We are available 24/7 for your convenience. If you have any inquiries, please message us in the LiveChat at the bottom right hand side of the screen! Feel free to check your purchase status or provide us with a specific request! Our chat managers are always on standby for you anytime.


We do everything we can to avoid potential temporary bans. Most of our orders can be done without account sharing. We recommend that you change your gaming account password to something temporary before purchasing "play for" services. This is for your gaming account safety! Please keep in mind, although these things are extremely rare, Destiny Boosting is not responsible for account bans or any in game violations incase it does punish your account.

Guaranteed Satisfaction:

We hire our own dedicated and interviewed boosting team. As a result, we deliver our quality and time the best we possibly can. Upon ordering, we will contact you within several minutes after the payment has processed to clarify and double check the details of your order!

Business: Legal Entity

Destiny Boosting Internet Security

We are a fully transparent company, with our head office located in United States.

Our legal address is....

You can request more information about our team or guarantees by using the message form below

Data Protection:

We only use authorized payment processing providers. We DO NOT have access to your payment method or details (credit card, PayPal, bank, etc.). All transactions and payments are securely handled by our payment provider(s) (PayPal).

This website follows the standards of the European Union GDPR regulations regarding data protection and privacy. See our GDPR compliance for more information.

If you would like us to correct/delete/revoke your customer data, please contact us using the message form below. See our Privacy Policy for more information.

Refund Policy

1. Wrong Product Purchase

If you have selected and paid for a product you did not intentionally purchase and wish to not receive our service, we will refund you in full, but it must be before the order has been started or finished If the order has been completed fully, then there will be no refund. If the order has been started and is partially completed, we will refund you a certain % which can be discussed with our representatives in the LiveChat.

Note: execution of order(s) usually start within 15-30 minutes of payment.

2. Unable To Complete Order

If we are unable to complete an order, we will give you the option of either: 100% refund or we can reschedule your order for a later date. Secondly, you can change order to an order with an equivalent total cost. You may not switch it to something higher than the previous cost of the original order.