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The Mountaintop

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Destiny 2 Boosting Store - The Mountaintop


This weapon is obtained from a quest line completed within the crucible. This is a Kinetic damage Grenade Launcher, which means it is equipped in the primary weapon slot. This weapon's perk is called "Micro-Missile." What this perk does is it makes projectiles from the Mountaintop instantly detonate wherever they detonate within the environment.

This differs from regular grenade launchers as their projectiles will often bounce depending upon the perk set available on a given Grenade Launcher. Now, if one selects the "Sticky Grenade" perk instead of the "Spike Grenade" perk, the projectiles will stick to a given surface. After a given period of time, these projectiles will detonate, unless tripped by an enemy combatant before that time. Should you want help in attaining this weapon, the Destiny Boosting team is here to help.

Quest line:

Note: This quest will require you to have at least one equippable Grenade Launcher.

This quest line consists of several steps:

Step 1:

First of Many: Reach Glory rank "Brave"

Step 2:

The Third Wave: Complete the Triumph, "In Pursuit of Honor"

Step 3:

No Second Chances: Reach Glory rank "Fabled"

Step 4:

An Oath Broken: Speak with Lord Shaxx to pick up your weapon.

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