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This weapon is obtained from a quest line completed within the crucible. This is a Kinetic damage Sniper Rifle, which means it is equipped in the primary weapon slot. This weapon's perk is called "Reversal of Fortune." What this perk does is to give the player a sort of mulligan. If a player misses their shot, it will refund to the magazine within a given period of time. Should you want help in attaining this weapon, the Destiny Boosting team is here to help.

Quest line:

Note: This quest will require you to have at least one equippable Sniper Rifle.

In Your Sights:

Defeat Guardians in the Crucible with Sniper Rifles and earn Glory.

  • Get 300 final blows with a Sniper Rifle
  • Get 50 Precision final blows with a Sniper Rifle
  • Earn 3500 Glory

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