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Randys Throwing Knife

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Destiny 2 Boosting Store - Randys Throwing Knife


This weapon is obtained from a quest line completed within the crucible. This is a Kinetic damage Scout Rifle, which means it is equipped in the primary weapon slot. This weapon's claim to fame lies within its perk set. This main perk is the "Rapid-Fire Frame" which makes this weapon fire in full auto. Tie the frame perk along with "Rapid Hit" and you have a monster of a weapon, which has seen great success in both PvE and PvP. Should you want help in attaining this weapon, the Destiny Boosting team is here to help.

Quest line:

Note: This quest will require you to have at least one equippable Scout Rifle.

Field of View

Complete the following objectives in the Crucible playlist

  • Get 450 Scout Rifle final blows
  • Defeat enemies and earn medals (Earn 14000 points by defeating crucible opponents, and earning crucible medals)
  • Earn 2100 Glory points

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