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Destiny 2 Boosting Store - Hush


The Hush is a legendary Energy Bow. This bows perk, to some, is fantastic, and to others, they don't care for it. What this bow appeals to is a person whom use bows and really enjoy them. This weapon's perk will allow the draw rate to increase exponentially when a user lands a precision hip fired shot. The perk will last for a period of 8 seconds, and then the user can re activate the given perk by landing another hip fired precision shot. This bow can do a lot of damage quickly when someone gets a true feel for the way the perk works.

Quest Line:

Complete the following quest steps in the Gambit playlist:

Hush, Little Baby:

  • Get 1000 final blows with any Bow
  • Get 500 precision final blows with any Bow
  • Earn medals in gambit

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