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Garden of Salvation

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Destiny 2 Boosting Store - Garden of Salvation


The Garden of Salvation raid takes us back to the Black Garden, a familiar location for those of use that played the original Destiny. This raid came to us with the release of Shadowkeep and introduced us to some new mechanics. The Garden of Salvation is the first full Vex based raid since the Vault of Glass from the original Destiny. Each encounter provides a challenging set of mechanics which will present rewards to match their difficulty. This is the only raid that provides pinnacle gear at this time. However, each encounter will provide pinnacle gear. Rewards are RNG based, and therefore cannot be guaranteed.

The Divinity is the exotic weapon that many want from this raid, but that is a separate quest explained below.

Note: To complete this raid, you must first complete "A Mysterious Disturbance" which is the beginning of the Shadowkeep campaign. This will need to be completed once per character to allow access for that given characters to the raid.

Raid Challenges:

Staying Alive: Players must not kill any spawning Cyclops during the first encounter

A Link to the Chain: Players must all receive the enlightened buff at the same time in the second encounter

To the Top: Players must deposit at least 10 motes per deposit in the third encounter

Zero to One Hundred: Players must deposit all 30 motes at one of the two confluxes in a period of 10 seconds or less in the final encounter. They must then repeat this with the second conflux.

Hidden Raid Chests: This raid has two hidden raid chests. With the purchase of a full completion, these chests will be included with the completion.

Key to Divinity: If a player is at this point in the Divinity quest line, and selects the option to complete this step, we will run the puzzles to get the Divinity exotic trace rifle.

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