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Destiny 2 Boosting Store - Deathbringer


The Deathbringer is an Exotic Rocket Launcher that comes with a rather interesting manual of arms. What a player must do is not fire their rocket directly at a given target. The player must aim a bit high of their target, fire while holding the trigger, and then release the trigger when the rocket is close to their target. What will happen then is the projectile will split off and tracking modules will impact the target to deal extra damage. This exotic can be quite effective in many scenarios, and once you get the hang of it, it's quite enjoyable to use.

Quest Line:

Complete the following steps throughout the system:

  • Complete three Moon Lost Sectors and hand in the Lunar Spelunker bounty
  • Open the system core vault in the K1 Revelation Lost Sector
  • Kill Nightmares on the Moon with Arc abilities
  • Open the chest in the portal next to Eris on the Moon
  • Complete the Faculties of the Skull mission in Circle of Bones
  • Complete Hellmouth Public Events, K1 Revelation and kill the Bone Collector
  • Kill the High Conductor enemy within the Scarlett Keep strike
  • Defeat regular, elite / mini-boss and bosses or other Guardians
  • Complete the Choir of Damned mission in Circle of Bones

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