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This weapon is obtained from a quest line completed throughout the system. This is a Kinetic damage Fusion Rifle equipped in the primary weapon slot. This weapon's main allure is the fact that it is a Fusion Rifle that one can equip in the primary weapon slot Should you want help in attaining this weapon, the Destiny Boosting team is here to help.

Quest Line:

This quest line consists of seven steps:

Step 1:

Complete Saint-14's 'Recovering the Past' and 'An Impossible Task' quests

Step 2:

Talk to Saint-14 and start the 'Momento' quest

Step 3:

Kill five Fallen Captains or Servitors in the Tangled Shore

Step 4:

Run the Empty Tank Lost Sector and kill Aksiniks

Step 5:

Complete 10 Spider Bounties, and in Tangled Shore, kill 30 Challenging enemies and complete 8 Public Events

Step 6:

Find the grave within the Trapper's Cave Lost Sector

Step 7:

Run a special version of The Hallowed Lair strike and kill Defiled Reysk

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