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What is Boosting?

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What is Boosting?

Account boosting, also known as account recovery is the practice of having a given activity completed on your account by a third party.

How Does Boosting Work?

Putting it simply, the boosting process is quite simple. We will reference a few terms here. First, there is the booster, which is the person completing the service order. Second, we have the boostee, which is the person that needs to have the service performed.

Now, what happens here is the boostee has come across some given activity in the game that they cannot complete themselves, for any number of reasons. Reasons, they can't complete the activity could be as simple as a time constraint issue, or just they have had issues getting it done themselves. We all come across these problems at some point and time in our lives, and it's okay to ask for help.

This is where the booster comes into play. Once the boostee has determined they have a problem they need further assistance with, they start searching for services that can help them. Once they find a service listing the service they need completed, they initiate contact. The booster then replies to the boostee informing them of cost for the service, as well as time frame for completion.

Once the boostee has all the information pertaining to the service they need completed, they can then place an order to have the service completed. Once the order has been paid for, the boostee will provide their login details to the booster. The booster then abides by the pre-arranged time frame, and other parameters discussed before the transaction and logs into the account to complete the given task at hand.

Destiny Boosting - Safety

Example Scenario:

Say, for example, you want to get the Luna's Howl Hand Cannon. You have tried all you can, but you keep running into road block after road block on the quest to get this weapon. So you decide you need help to get it completed. That's where an account booster comes into play.

You contact a given boosting company, or individual agent, provide the details on what you need done, and then you set into negotiations. Once you both agree on a price point for the service, you render payment, provide your account details for logging in, and then the activity is completed on your behalf.

Are My Account Details Safe? Is My Account Safe? Will Someone Launch A Malicious Attack?

Many people have the question of account safety when they're considering using a boosting service. They are right to have this concern, as account security and safety are quite paramount topics in today’s digital age.

Account safety is at the forefront of what we do, your account details will never be shared, sold, or compromised in any way, shape, or form when you place an order with Destiny Boost. The same can't always be said about some of the fly by night type of people you see pop up every day on eBay or other "For Sale" type websites. There have been many issues from around the internet pertaining to account compromise from this sort of thing. That's not to say that all of the sellers on eBay are bad, but one must really look at who they're buying from in any given circumstance.

Now even after a personal safety guarantee, many still don't feel easy about sharing their passwords, as they also use it for their personal email, phone, and whatever else. This is a quite simple fix, as all one must do is set up a temporary password on their account to have the service performed. They are more than welcome to change the password back to whatever they would like after the completion of service. The choice is completely up to the person placing the order. We always want our customers to feel safe and secure.

Why Would Someone Use a Boosting Service?

This question comes up a lot in the recovery world. There are many critics whom harshly bash the world of recovery as well. Why, you might ask? Well, it's probably because their jealous of people getting their goals completed. This is the primary reason people look into recovery services. Say for example, you have a home, and your oven stops working. Let’s also say that mechanical repair is not your forte. What do you do in this sort of situation?

Destiny Boosting - Why

Of course you call a repair service, the last thing you want is to electrocute yourself on faulty wiring, or fill your house with gas if you don't close off a gas line properly. Granted, these scenarios would all be dependent upon the configuration of your given appliance.

Now that we're off that tangent, you see where we're going here. This sort of scenario is much the same. Say you can't complete any given activity in a game, say you work 80+ hours in a week, and you're a parent with other things to do, but you still want the activity completion. This is why you contact a boosting service. You want something done, and done right.

Who Will be on My Account? Who Will Have Access?

As account security is a primary concern for many people, they would also want to know who is on their account.

Generally speaking, the time frame would be pre-determined before the sale, or right after. This would allow the boostee to know when their account would be in use. Why is this detail important you might ask? Well, this detail is important because only one person can be on a given account at any given time.

Destiny Boosting - Who

Therefore, if the boostee inadvertently logs into their account during the time of service, they will kick the booster out of their account thereby resetting all progress toward the completion of an activity.

There are some services out there that will outsource your order to another service, but that isn't something done at Destiny Boosting. Your order and all account details always stay with us for the highest level of security.

We are also happy to provide updates when asked for them. Please feel free to ask any questions at any times, and one of our agents would be happy to assist.